As you may already know, Rain City Capital is giving away $100 per transaction funded to a new charity every quarter. The first quarter of 2016 we chose the MORElove Project, which is a really great group of people headed up by Kristine Moreland. Kristine and company go above and beyond to support the homeless community in Seattle or wherever they are needed. We are extremely happy to report that because of our amazing clients, Rain City Capital had a fantastic first quarter. We were able to donate $20,900 to the MORElove Project! That’s right…$20,900 – and if you do the math, that’s 209 transactions.

It’s because of our clients that we’re able to give back, so I wanted to extend a special thanks to those people who choose Rain City Capital for financing. In part, you recently provided shelter to a single mom of three children, several bus tickets home to someone’s family, food, socks and countless other little things that really count in someone’s life. One person recently received a weekend off the streets in the comfort of a hotel – and given a recent diagnosis of cancer, it was a much needed break from the harsh reality of being homeless AND now fighting this illness. That one stay cost a little under $100, but the value to that person is unquantifiable and extremely impactful! I can’t thank Kristine enough for the selfless acts that she provides daily, and I’m so glad we could help her with her cause. Kristine, you’re awesome and keep doing what you’re doing!

If you would like to donate please CLICK HERE!

Sorry to go deep on you, but I truly believe that one person can have an unlimited impact on the world if they don’t care who gets the credit. That one single point is at the heart of what we’re doing here at Rain City Capital. We are giving to charities that have the passion, but just haven’t gotten the money yet. There are countless amazing, selfless people who are putting themselves aside and making a difference in others’ lives! It’s something I am truly passionate about conveying to others with the hope that they realize that ANYONE can make a difference.

I recently had a huge win in my own personal $100 Mission. I practice what I preach! I regularly give away $100 randomly, however, my favorite thing to do is to see how far $100 can go in the coffee drive-thru. I talked about this at the onset of our $100 Mission, and recently I’ve been testing ways to stretch the dollars. Consistently, 37-49 people had their coffee paid for by the person in front of them. Pretty cool, right? $100 bought up to 49 people coffee, but I always wondered what it would take to make it last an entire day. I didn’t have to wonder for long: at 7:30am on a Friday morning, I handed the barista at Caffé Ladro in Bothell a $100 bill and asked if they were ready. I walked in the following morning at 10am, and IT WAS STILL GOING!!! Starting with my $100, some other generous folks along the way were inspired to contribute, and 97 people got free coffee! 

That right there is what it is all about! The best part: two other people have taken the credit, and have started to spread the word of what $100 can do! Who knows how far their word will spread? Here is a photo of the great work the folks at the Bothell Caffé Ladro made happen. The barista made $72.00 in tips that day – another unexpected and awesome impact.

Caffe Ladro

That is by far the best quantifiable experience I have had to date! I will always continue to improve on past successes, both with my own personal donations, and Rain City’s $100 Mission.

Look for more to come in the next couple weeks as we announce our 2nd quarter charity!