$100 Mission

PDX Diaper Bank update

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Last month, we announced our third charity partner, PDX Diaper Bank, for our $100 Mission. We were moved by founder Rachel Alston and her fierce commitment to ending diaper need. We're pleased to inform you that our borrowers helped us raise $20,500 for PDX Diaper Bank - that's 205 transactions! As a reminder, PDX Diaper Bank was [...]

RCC’s New Charity Partner!

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A lot goes in to choosing the charity partners for our $100 Mission – we want to go where we’re most needed, and where the contributions from our borrowers will go the furthest. It took longer than anticipated; however, we found a fantastic charity that fills a significant, yet uncommonly known need. Our 3rd Quarter $100 [...]

Borrower Appreciation Night and $100 Mission Update

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July kicks off the second half of the year, and with that, a new quarter. Saturday the 16th, we hosted our first ever Borrower Appreciation Night - our $100 Mission charity partners got the opportunity to thank our borrowers in person for their contributions throughout the year. And thanks to the generosity of our guests, we raised an additional [...]

Rain City and Beautiful Soles

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Last quarter, Rain City raised over $20,000 to benefit The MORElove Project for Seattle’s homeless. Kristine Moreland and her team are incredibly passionate about what they do – it’s this inspiration and drive that we look for in our $100 Mission charity partners. It took us awhile to find the right charity, but for the second quarter [...]

Thanks for a great first quarter!

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As you may already know, Rain City Capital is giving away $100 per transaction funded to a new charity every quarter. The first quarter of 2016 we chose the MORElove Project, which is a really great group of people headed up by Kristine Moreland. Kristine and company go above and beyond to support the homeless community in [...]

MORElove Project Update

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Rain City Capital’s $100 Mission has gotten off to a great start in 2016!  During the months of January and February, our clients have helped us raise $11,700 for the MORElove Project. The mission of the MORElove Project is to help as many homeless men, women, and children as possible in the Seattle area by providing [...]

The $100 Mission and MORElove Project

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Last week, we introduced Rain City’s $100 Mission for 2016: $100 per transaction will be donated to a deserving local charity. Our goal is to make a difference by giving back, and to inspire others to do the same. For the first quarter, we are proud to announce our partnership with the MORElove Project – a project [...]

The $100 Mission

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If you don’t already know me, my name is Fred Rea. I founded Rain City Capital in 2009, and it has definitely been a long and interesting road. I lost everything in the economic downturn of 2008 – when Top Ramen with an egg counts as a lavish meal, you start thinking about your priorities and [...]